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The Arrowhead plant has one of the most delicate array of colour with pastel pink and green foliage. One of our personal favorites, that is easy to care for. 

Syngonium Podophyllum

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  • Water // Keep the compost moist at all times and do not allow it to dry out as the plant is very susceptible to wilting quickly. Decrease the watering in winter when it goes into dormancy. Ahumid enviornment is required so mist the leaves every few days. 

    Light // For variegated types bright but indirect light is ideal. Keep away from any strong sun as this can scorch and damage the delicate leaves. It is suggested to turn your plant occassionally so that all sides get the same amount of light and to prevent an uneven growing pattern. 

    Propagation // This plant is very easy to propagate using the stems that already bear the aerial roots. 

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