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The Peperomia is a curious plant, it will produce "rat-tail" looking stalks from the base that don't flower but are definately interesting. 

Peperomia Watermelon

  • Water // Watering needs to be carefully monitored with these plants. To a certain degree the compost should dry out a little between waterings. If the roots get too dry then the leaves will start to fall from the plant so finding a happy medium is key. It is a good idea to use tepid water much less frequently through the winter months. 

    Light // In its natural habitat this plant would be found under trees in a bright but shady spot, so it is best to try to replicate this in your home. As it is small you could easily place it under a taller plant to shield it from direct sun, which can scald the leaves and leave permanent damage. 

    Propagation // Peperomia is particularly easy to propagate, especially from cuttings. Trim the leaf from the bottom of the stem, then either place in a cup of water, and wait until it roots, or dip the bottom of the stem in rooting solution and repot straight away.  

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