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The ficus elastic plant is an easy, attractive plant with a dark and moody color variations. The most perfect plant for indoor places and spaces. 

Ficus Elastica "Burgundy"

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  • Water // During summer it is important that the compost never dries out too much, so watering once a week without waterlogging should be enough. 

    Light // Bright but indirect light is the best conditions for Ficus Elastica. 

    Soil //  During the winter dormant period, water once every two weeks, allowing the compost to dry out between watering. If during this time the leaves start to brown or fall off then it is an idication that you need to increase watering slightly. Regular misting and wiping of the leaves is advised.

    Propagation // The easiest method of propagation for this plant is to cut off a stem and place it in either a potting and rooting mixture, or leave in a cup of water to root before planting up. 

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