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I mean, common - eucalyptus. As many of you probably already know eucalyptus is a beautifully fragrant plant that is stunning both fresh and dry. They are generally pretty simple-looking but a classic. Now you can enjoy it both as a flower child and plant parent. 

Eucalyptus 4"

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  • Water | Soil // Let the soil dry slightly between waterings as they have a high drought tolerance. Plants that are in terracotta containers will loose moisture more quickly so watering may be more frequent compaired to if it were in a pot. I always suggest a poreous pot as you are less likely to over water. When watering you want to make sure it is recieving water all the way to its roots. How do you know? The plant will begin to leak water. Whatever you do, do not let it dry out. Your leaves will begin to dry and won't look so pretty anymore. 

    Light //eucalyptus plants need lots of light in order to grow blissfully. Ideally best to have your plant set near an area that recieves filtered or indirect sulight . It might look nice in lower light for a while, but it won’t look great for long. Main point here.. don’t deprive it of bright light for too long! Similar to fiddle fig trees, they do not do well in drafty conditions so you want to consider keeping it away from any ventilation. 

    Fertilize // April - October months. Feed with an all purpose fertilizer once a month. Simply mix the fertilizer into your watering can according to package instructions and water like normal. No need to fertilize in the fall and winter when the plant is dormant. 

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