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Crassula - more widely known as a jade plant. It is a succulent perfect for those who require a low maintenance plant option. Its eye-catching as it is diverse in its shape and texture. 

Jade Plant 4"

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  • Water | Soil // Well-draining soil is best for this plant variety. Let the soil dry slightly between waterings as they perfer to be under-watered than overwatered. During cooler months, reduce watering, as the roots can rot in cold, wet soil. 

    Light // Crassula plants do best in a bright area that recieves at least six hours of indirect light.

    Fertilize // Mid-spring. Feed with an all purpose fertilizer once in spring. Simply mix the fertilizer into your watering can according to package instructions and water like normal. Fertilization is not required by is ideal. 

    Side Note// Crassula plants begin actively growing in the spring, so watch for watering needs. When grown indoors, watering should be minimized from late fall through winter, as the plants go semi-dormant during this time.

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