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Orginal in its colour and pattern, the Zebra plant is worth the fuss. Not suggested for anyone who forgets to water their plants, this plant isn't too forgiving. 

Calathea Surprisestar

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  • Water // Keep the compost damp but not soaking, and try not to let the compost fully dry out as this can cause the leaves to brown and drop. Misting and high humidity is vital, as Calathea are very sensitive to low humidity and will quickly drop their leaves or turn brown.

    Light // You will notice very quickly if you are gicing your Calathea too much sun as direct sunlight will burn and crisp the edges and make for an unattractive and wilting plant. 

    Propagation // Calathea can be propagated when repotting by seperation. This is a delicate process and you should be careful not to tear or damage the roots. 

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