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Welcome, a community beyond the flowers

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

If you're new to the holistic world don't shy away! We want to help you reconnect with yourself and nature. Our blog shares genuine tips & tricks explored through our own experience in whichever topics discussed. As a wellness and floral related community, we want to reconnect with the dreamers and flower children of our time!

             Hi there, I'm Liana welcome to out of the blue's first-ever BLOG!! I hope you are as excited as I am to embark on this floral | plant-loving journey with me. In short, my interest in florals and plants came upon me so randomly I decided to name my company flowers out of the blue. Ever since I started creating and designing all things floral and plant related, I have been eager to learn more, teach more, and join more people with the same interests as me. This is a place for learning and sharing, the goal here is to create a community with you so that we can express both our passions and obsessions for flowers and plants together.      

DISCLAIMER: I wasn't born with a green thumb, I developed one!! Often, many of my fellow floral | plant lovers tell me they just don't have it in them but hey, we all felt that way at some point in our journey. Together, this blog will serve as a platform to answer the basics of responsible plant parenthood. My goal is to help you enjoy healthy, thriving plants and gorgeous florals in your homes! Remember, having a green thumb isn’t about luck it is about educating yourself.

Question is, are you in?

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