Inspired by nature

Indoor Flowers



For the past 2 years many of you have joined our monthly bouquet journey. With continuous support we have created a floral community with you all. If you have not yet tried our monthly bouquets, we ask.. what is stopping you? Join us on this journey and show yourself or a loved one - love through flowers. 

How it works: 

  • Each month you are given a handmade bouquet from yours truly.

  • We offer a delivery service priced between 10- 20$ depending on your location.

  • You may feel free to pick up at one of 2 locations (Little Italy or Saint Leonard) 

  • Bouquets are one size only and vary in colour & flowers depicting the season

  • You have the option to pick a 3 months - 6 month - 12 month subscription 

If you are curious and would like more information click the "Let's Chat!" below to your right. 

In the mist of all “no matter how chaotic it is, wildflowers will still spring up in the middle of nowhere.”